Equestrian-database.com is dead!
Long live Hippomundo.com
For years Equestrian-database.com was the place to be on the internet for all information on horses, riders and events. Recently Equestrian-database.com and Hippomundo.com merged and the complete database now can be found on www.hippomundo.be/horses and www.hippomundo.nl/horses with more more extended information like damlines and 3 generation pedigrees and of course and all important sportresults from most recent back to the last century.

Paul van Oers, initiator of Equestrian-database.com.: "The system of Hippomundo is ultra fast and very modern, it caught my attention right away. From the beginning it was clear that Equestrian-database and Hipppomundo share the same vision so I am very pleased with the cooperation between us."

Koen Terryn of Hippomundo: "We were in conversation for some time with Paul van Oers, the initiator of Equestrian-database.com. In 2004, he started to keep track of the most important sport results and the pedigrees of the most successful horses in the world. From the 1st of June, Paul van Oers coordinate the integration of the pedigrees and sport results in Hippomundo. At the moment all the information from Equestrian-database.com and the horses registered with the BWP (Belgian Warmblood) and AES (Anglo European Studbook) are already integrated in the Hippomundo-database. Other studbooks will follow shortly. So the Hippomundo database will be the only 'trusted' horse database in the world with the official data of the horses. Further an English, German and French version of Hippomundo with amongst other topics, the latest news etc., are following shortly. Plans for a Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish and Swedish are already in the pipeline.

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