Hippomundo.com and Equestrian-database.com join forces
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Middelkerke-Slijpe (Belgium) - June 3th, 2014.

Koen Terryn of Hippomundo: "We were in conversation for some time with Paul van Oers, the initiator of Equestrian-database.com. In 2004, he started to keep track of the most important sport results and the pedigrees of the most successful horses in the world. From the 1st of June, Paul van Oers will coordinate the integration of the pedigrees and sport results in Hippomundo, together with my partner, Michael Cornelis.

Because of the rise in the use of frozen semen, horse breeding has become more and more an international business. Worldwide, the pedigrees in the warmblood breeding are distributed in no less than 51 studbooks. This in contrast to the world of race horses, where everything is managed by one organisation, the Jockey-club. Hippomundo wants to join the forces of all studbooks, in a way that every horse only appears once in the general registry. To reach this goal, the sport results of the best horses worldwide will be linked. Hippomundo contained hitherto the official data of all BWP and AES horses. Today, 100.000 horses are added with their sport results. In the meantime, more studbooks have applied to integrate in Hippomundo, which will happen in the next few months. In the end there is only one goal: one database with all (sport) horses and their results!

Paul van Oers: "Indeed, today we made an agreement with Hippomundo. Equestrian-database is my life's work. For years I kept track of all data, but with more and more horses and more and more competitions, it soon became more than a day's work for one person. Hippomundo came just in time. The system of Hippomundo is ultra fast and very modern, it caught my attention right away. From the beginning it was clear that we share the same vision. I'm very pleased with the cooperation between Hippomundo.com and Equestrian-database.com."

At the end of June, the integration must be a fact and all official studbooks and sport results will be found on Hippomundo.com. The total number of horses in the database of Hippomundo will be more than 500.000!

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